Day #26 - Intuition to Income Global Summit!

Listen to Expert Speaker Sasha Sabbeth
Talk About: Powerful Healing Process!


Sasha shares a powerful healing process for us to clear the clutter in our minds and to feel the loving presence of our inner light guidance. In this interview she guides us to connect with our soul’s essence and the intentions of our hearts to be better supported by the Universe and our guidance team.

Join me for this enlightening interview!


  • Sasha Sabbeth

    Reply Reply July 26, 2014

    This was such a magical interview that we had, Abby. May the synergy of intuition and visionary possibilities uplift all those who experience our interview!


    • Maria Jhun

      Reply Reply July 30, 2014

      This Summit is my very first ever to be a part of on a daily basis, listening to all the speakers thus far; yesterday evening while taking my daily walk and hearing the interview between Sasha & Abby, it was just amazing to begin with entirely.

      Sasha brought it all in with such in dept several insights from how to tap into “your intuition to better serve you”, to so many other details that my mind couldn’t stay still for seconds on seconds of her wisdom. Her knowledge is over the top excellence, examples like, “feel/hear your intuition while around persons who may not be right for you, countless examples on how to nurture yourself completely, by listening carefully to the messages we all have, but don’t use/listen too most often. My walk was one of the best ones I’ve had in the past eight years, since I divorced. Such a blessing Sasha’s words to all who heard her interview.

      Thank You Sasha & Abbey for this incredible interview, I am grateful for bringing this platform to all who have a dire interest in changing their lives for a healthier, happy, successful, and well lived life journey..

  • Sasha Sabbeth

    Reply Reply August 7, 2014

    Thank you, Maria Jhun for your beautiful sharing! Please take advantage of the free Gift. I feel that you will gain so much from the love, support, and wisdom.

    Bless you and your potent Soul Purpose path: Just contact me at and I will arrange for you to get the Free Gift components.

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